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World Literatures & Cultures

 We aim at cultivating global-minded talents with sound mastery of multilingual and cross-cultural knowledge and skills. Students are expected to equip themselves with a forward and open mentality by viewing themselves as successors of an academic tradition which combines global perspective with local particularity and takes the whole world as a community with a shared future. Special emphasis is given to equipping students with bilingual or multilingual capabilities of intercultural and international thinking and conversation. In 2015, an experimental class was jointly launched by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the Institute for World Literatures and Cultures. The first class made 10 recruitments, with a newly designed curriculum plus a 4-year long program for independent studies guided by senior professors. The curriculum includes core courses in liberal arts education and in Chinese and Western literature and thought. Being immersed in bona fide western classics and traditional Chinese learning from the very beginning, students will be trained with a bi-focus on both the traditional and the modern, the Chinese and the western, which forms the crucial part of the tradition in Tsinghua humanities.

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