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Chen Xiangjing      
Assistant professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures


2003-2007  Peking University  B.A. in Chinese literature
2007-2010  Peking University  M.A. in Chinese modern literature
2010-2017  Cornell University  PhD in East Asian Literature

Work Experience

2017-2020  post-doctoral researcher, Tsinghua University
2020 to present  assistant professor, Tsinghua University

Research Interests

comparative literature, critical theory, Marxism, comparative modernity in Asia

Courses Taught


Selective Reading of Critical Theory
American Literary History
Selective Reading of American Literature


1.Journal article
Chen, Xiangjing. “Affective Labor and the Floating Community: Wang Anyi’s novel of Immigrant and Family in 21st Century”, WenxuePinglun(Literary Review), 01(2020): 82-91
Chen, Xiangjing. “The Construction of Community and its Dilemma in The Builders: A Political-Economic”, WenyiLilunyu Piping (Theoryand Criticism of Literature and Art). 05 (2019): 66-79
Chen, Xiangjing. ““Reconstructing a Political Economic Perspective”, WenyiLilunyu Piping (Theoryand Criticism of Literature and Art), 01 (2019): 6-9
Chen, Xiangjing. “The Commune in Lingquan Cave: Zhao Shuli’s Alternative Imagination for People’s Self- Governance,” XiandaiZhongwenXuekan(Journal of Modern Chinese Literature), 06 (2018): 95-101
Naoki Sakai, Xiangjing Chen. “Asia’s Way of Resistance: Cultural Politics and Knowledge Production of Asia, Interview with Naoki Sakai”, XiandaiZhongwenXuekan(Journal of Modern Chinese Literature), 06 (2016): 4-18
Chen, Xiangjing. "Politics of Art: The Creation Society and the Practice of Theoretical Struggle in Revolutionary China." Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 10. 3 (2016): 497-501.
2.Book chapter
Chen, Xiangjing. “The Ambiguous Role of China’s Collective Land Ownership Under Global Capitalism.” In Silver, MarcEd. Confronting Capitalism in the 21st Century Lessons from Marx’s Capital. Cham: Springer International Publishing, Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 193-213
Eugenia Lean.Public Passions: The Trial of Shi Jianqiao and the Rise of Popular Sympathy in Republican China. Nanjing: Jiangsu People’s Press, 2011(English to Chinese)
Wang Hui. “Revolution and negotiation (1911-1913): the awakening of Asia at the beginning of China’s twentieth century”. In China’s Twentieth Century: Revolution, Retreat, and the Road to Equality. Verso: 2016 (Chinese to English)
He, Guimei. The China Narrative in 21st Century and Its Universalizing Logic: Centered on the Notion of "Civilization”. Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 13, 1 (2019): 97-121. (Chinese to English)

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