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WANG, Jinghui
Professor of Comparative Literature and World Literature



2006-2007     Postdoctoral Research at Australian Centre, the University of Melbourne

2003-2006      Beijing Language and Culture University (Major: World Literature and Comparative Literature / Degree: Ph. D)

1993-1996     Jilin University, China (Major: English Literature

                            Degree: Master’s Degree)

1989-1993     Jilin Normal University, China (Major: English Education

                            Degree: Bachelor’s Degree)

Work Experience


Professor of Comparative Literature and World Literature (since Dec. 2014)

Head of Discipline Group of comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (since Sept. 2015)

Deputy Director of Australian Studies Centre, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (since Sept. 2007)




1.       “Serve the People” from 1944 to 2005,Neohelicon,June 2016, Volume 43, Issue 1,  pp 45–57

2.       The Comparison of the Creative Concepts of J. M. Coetzee and J. Brodsky through Less Than One, World Literature, Vol. 1, 2016 “《小于一》中库切与布罗茨基关于文学创作理念的比较”

3.       Confucian ethics of Gentleman in Contrast with Marxist Concept of Man, Marxism Aesthetics Study, vol. 1, 2016 “儒家的君子观与马克思主义的全人观”

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10.    “The Function of Male Educators, on J.M. Coetzee’s The Childhood of Jesus”, World Literature/ Recent Developments, Vol. III, Beijing, 2013, Pp 25-27 “论父亲在孩童教育中的作用——读库切新作《耶稣的童年》”

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12.   “Dancers in Music”, Coetzee Study and Postcolonial Literature Research, Wuhan University Press, China, 2011, Pp 101-111, “赋格音乐中的舞者——库切与他的人”

13.   On the musical narrative structure of J.M. Coetzee’s Diary of a Bad Year, World Literature/ Recent Developments, Vol. II, 2008  “库切的新作《灾年日记》——兼音乐叙述结构分析”



1.       (Editor-in-chief)English Proficiency Requirements for Ph.D. Applicants, Tsinghua University Press, 2012, 2013 《博士生入学英语考试指南》

2.       (author)Foreigner forever---J.M Coetzee, Peking University Press, 2010 《永远的异乡人/库切评传》

3.       (editor-in-chief), Guidance and English Tests for MBA Applicants, Tsinghua University Press, 2001 ( and the following four editions till 2005) 《MBA英语考试指南》

4.        (editor-in-chief), English Reading 120 articles, Meteorology Press, 1999 《英语阅读120篇》



Books (English – Chinese):

1.       The Boy who Chronicled Narnia – C.S. Lewis, Heilongjinang Education Press, 2017,《缔造纳尼亚世界的男孩》

2.       J.C. Kannemeyer, J.M. Coetzee, A Life in Writing, Zhejiang Arts and Literature Publishing House, 2017(forthcoming),《库切写意人生》

3.       John Docker, Postmodernism and Modern Culture, Peking University Press, 2011, 《后现代主义与现代文化》

4.       J.M. Coetzee, Foe, Zhejiang Arts and Literature Publishing House, 2008, 《福》

5.       Agatha Christie, Lord Edgeware Dies, Guizhou People’s Press, 1998 《人性见证》

Articles (English-Chinese)

1.J.希利斯·米勒致张江的第二封信  J.希利斯·米勒;  《文学评论》  2015-07  

2.“解构性阅读”与“修辞性阅读”——致张江  J.希利斯·米勒;《文艺研究》  2015-07  

3.一种不安、互惠互利,且偶尔脆弱的关系  葛浩文《社会科学报》  2013-06-27    

4.元首的情人  卡布·奥凯-戴维斯; 《世界文学》  2016-09

5. 美国与欧盟日渐疏离吗?  杜威·佛克马 《中华读书报》  2004-01-21 

Book  (Chinese – English)

Huiyun Hu, The Art of Chinese Couplets, Paramus, New Jersey: Homa& Sekey, 2016

Honors & Awards


Lee Foundation scholarship, August 2002- March 2003, Department of Communication and Culture, University of Indiana, visiting scholar

First Prize in Teaching Skill Contest, Tsinghua University, 2004

China Scholarship Council Scholarship for Exchange Doctoral student, 2005-2006, Department of Comparative Literature, State University of Pennsylvania, exchange doctoral student

China scholarship Council Scholarship for Visiting Scholar, 2007-2008, Australia Centre, University of Melbourne, postdoctoral study

Contact Information


Address: Room 317, Wennan Building, Tsinghua University

Phone: 86-136 1122 4215


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