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DONG, Jie  
Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor


PhD in Sociolinguistics, cum laude, Tilburg University, The Netherlands (2008)

MA in Language Education, Institute of Education, University of London (2004)

BA in Economics, Beijing International Studies University (1998)

Work Experience

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University (2012.07 to present)

Post-doc Researcher, Deputy director of Babylon research center, Tilburg University, The Netherlands (2009.11—2012.07)

Commercial manager, Siemens (China) Ltd. (1998.8—2002.11)

Research Interests

Sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, ethnography, discursive identity, migration studies, language and globalization, language and the new media, language policy and planning

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses: Introduction to sociolinguistics

Postgraduate students: Issues and questions in sociolinguistics, Linguistic anthropology

Doctoral students: Academic English



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(3)Blommaert, Jan & Jie Dong (2010) Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Beginner’s Guide. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. ISBN9781847692955.

SSCI and A&HCI journal articles

(4)Dong, Jie (2017) Taste, global mobility, and elite identity construction: How Chinese new urban migrants construct elite identities with lifestyle discourses. Journal of Sociolinguistics. (In press)

(5)Dong, Jie (2017) Language and identity construction of China’s rural-urban migrant children: An ethnographic study in urban public school. Journal of Language, Identity & Education. (Published online first)

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(12)Dong, Jie & Jan Blommaert (2009) Space, scale and accents: constructing migrant identity in Beijing. Multilingua 28(1), 1 – 24. Full text.pdf

Book chapters and other international peer reviewed journal articles

(13)Dong, Jie (2013) Mobility, voice, and symbolic restratification: An ethnography of ‘elite migrants' in urban China. Diversities. 14(2), 35-48.Full text.pdf

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(19)Dong, Jie & Yan Dong (2012) Chinese on the move: An ethnographic study of language change and migration. In 周庆生、董洁(2012)语言变化与生态环境。知识产权出版社:北京。Pp. 29-42.

(20)Dong, Jie & Jan Blommaert (2010) Space, scale and accents: constructing migrant identity in Beijing. In Collins J. and S. Slembrouck (eds.) Globalization and Languages in Contact, 42 – 61. New York: Continuum.

(21)Blommaert, Jan & Jie Dong (2010) Language and movement in space. In Coupland, N. (ed.) Handbook of Language and Globalisation. Pp. 366-385. Oxford: Blackwell.

Journal articles in Chinese

(22) Dong, Jie(2015)Globalization and Beijing elite migrants’ language and identity: An ethnographic study. Linguistic Research 19, 27-38. (CSSCI).

(23) Dong, Jie(2015)”New urban immigrants” and their discursive identity. Language Strategiesn 1, 50-55。

(24)Dong, Jie(2013)Ethnographic study of language identity: Two cases. Linguistic Research 15:155-164. (CSSCI)

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(28)Dong, Jie (2013) Learner Autonomy and English Education for Research Students. Modern Foreign Language Teaching and Research.

Edited book

(29)Zhou Qingsheng & Dong Jie(2012)Language Change and Ecology. Beijing: Intellectual Property Press.

Academic Services

(1)Editorial board member, Language & Communication(SSCI)

(2)Editorial board member, Language Strategies

(3)Guest professor, South China University of Technology

(4)Executive committee member, Chinese Sociolinguistics Association

(5)SSCI and CSSCI journal peer review: Language & Communication, Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language Policy, Journal of Modern Languages, Visual Communication, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, Linguistics & education, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, Linguistics Research, China Sociolinguistics

Research Grants

(1)National Social Science Foundation “The Sociolinguistics of Voice in Globalising China” (14WYY001), 2014-2018, RMB 150,000, Principal investigator.

(2) Beijing Social Science Foundation “Global City and Language Planning” (14WYC056), 2014-2018, RMB 50,000, Principal investigator.

(3)Tsinghua University Social Sciences Foundation. Principal investigator

Contact Information

Address: 121 Wennanlou, Tsinghua University

Phone: +86-10-62772458


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