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ZHANG, Yehong  
Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor, Humboldt Scholar, Director of Literature and Cognition Lab


2010 Ph.D. in German Philology, Georg-August-University Goettingen (summa cum laude)

2003 M.A. in German Literature, International Law, Economic Geography (Magister), Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

1997 B.A. in German Language and Literature, Peking University


Work Experience

Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University (2011-present)

Humboldt Research Fellowship, Center for Narrative Research & English Department, University of Wuppertal (2015-2016)  

Associate lecturer, Institute of German Philology, University of Goettingen (2008-2010)

Fellowship, Departments of German Studies, Linguistics and Psychology, University of California, Berkeley (2006-2007)

Ph.D. Fellowship, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (2004-2005, 2008-2009)

Graduate Fellowship, Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts (1999-2002)

Research Interests

Cognitive Literary Study, Empirical Literary Study, Literary Theory, Narratology, German Literature and Culture, Cross-cultural Study

Courses Taught

(1) Undergraduate Courses (in English): Literature and Cognition, Narration and Cognition

(2) Graduate Courses (in English): Study on Literary Comprehension, Contemporary Literary Theory

(3) German and German Culture: entry level, middle level, advanced level


(1) Monograph

   Zhang, Y.: Erzaehlung, Kognition und Kultur. Mentis 2011. 


(2) Edited Special Issue of A&HCI Journal

   Zhang, Y. and Lauer, G. (eds.): Cross-Cultural Reading. Special Issue of Comparative Literature Studies. 2017. 54 (4).


(3) A&HCI Journal Articles, Chinese Core Journal Articles, Peer-Reviewed Articles

   Zhang, Y.: Interdisciplinary Study on Cross-cultural Poetry Reading. In: Comparative Literature Studies. 2017. 54 (4). 850-868.


   Zhang, Y. and Lauer, G. : Introduction:Cross-Cultural Reading. Special Issue of Comparative Literature Studies. 2017. 54(4), 693-701.


   Zhang, Y.: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Reception Aesthetics and the Development of Chinese Hermeneutic Theory [in Chinese]. In: Frontiers of Literary Theory. Vol. 16, 2016, 126-149. Full text.pdf


   Zhang, Y. and Lauer, G.: How Culture Shapes the Reading of Fairy Tales: a Cross-cultural Approach. In: Comparative Literature Studies. 2015. 52(4), 663-681.Full text.pdf 


  Zhang, Y.:  Cognitive Poetics and Interdisciplinary Research on Literary Comprehension [in Chinese]. In: Journal of Tsinghua University. 2015 (2), 139-147. Full text.pdf


   Zhang, Y.: Reflection on Guilt: The “Great Controversy” in Early Postwar German Literature [in Chinese]. In: Contemporary Foreign Literature, 2015 (2), 89-96.


   Zhang, Y.: Literatur als Mechanismus der Subjektkonstitution im Fall der Schiller-Rezeption. In: Literaturstrasse. Chinesisch-deutsches Jahrbuch fuer Sprache, Literatur und Kultur. 2014, 261-272. Full text.pdf


   Zhang, Y.: Embodied Mind and Cross-Cultural Narrative Patterns. In: M. Callies, W. R. Keller and A. Lohoefer (eds.): Bi-Directionality of Cognitive Sciences. Avenues, Challenges, and Limitations. John Benjamins Publishing 2011. 171-180.


  Zhang, Y.: Culture and Reading. Cultural Thought Systems on the Understanding of Fairy Tales. In: J. Auracher and W. van Peer (eds.): New Beginnings in Literary Studies. Cambridge Scholar Publishing 2008. 218-237.


   Zhang, Y.: Ueber anthropologische und kognitive Rezeptionsbedingungen von Kinderliteratur. In: Universal-, Global- und Nationalkulturen. Nationalliteratur und Weltliteratur. 2007. 151-155.


   Zhang, Y.: Schiller and the German Bourgeoisie - The New Position of the Civilized Arts [in Chinese]. In: German Studies Peking University, Vol. 1, Peking University Press 2006. 9-17.



(4) Conference Presentation and Invited Lectures (selected)


Aug. 2018 "Cognitive and Empirical Approaches to the Study of Cross-Cultural Literary Comprehension." Comparative Cultural Studies Conference, Budapest (Plenary Lecture


Oct. 2017 “Literariness in Cross-Cultural Poetry Reading”.  Empirical Studies of Literariness - An Interdisciplinary Conference. Paris Institute of Advanced Studies. Paris, France.


July 2016 “How Culture Shapes Story Interpretation”. XV. Biennial Conference of International Society of the Empirical Study of Literature. Chicago, USA. (Session Chair)


Feb. 2016 “Neurocognitive Poetics and Cross-cultural Literary Comprehension”. Free University of Berlin, Germany.


Aug. 2015 “Interkulturalitaet des Verstehens als Grundlage der Interkulturalitaet der Wissenschaft”. XIII. Congress of International Association for Germanic Studies. Tongji University, Shanghai, China.


Feb. 2009 “Global Understanding: Prototype of Cross-Cultural Narrative Patterns”. Conference of Bi-directional Perspectives in the Cognitive Sciences. Marburg, Germany.


May 2007 “Cross-Cultural Psychology and Literary Comprehension”. University of California, Berkeley, USA.


Aug. 2006 “The Influence of the Cultural Thinking Models on Literary Reception”. X. Biennial of International Society of the Empirical Study of Literature. Munich, Germany. (Best Doctoral Student Paper Award)


Aug. 2005 “Die anthropologischen und kognitiven überlegungen zum interkulturellen Wahrnehmungsmuster”.XI Congress of International Association for Germanic Studies. Université de Paris - Sorbonne, Paris, France.


Aug. 2004 “Culture-Comparative Reading Research”. Interdisciplinary Empirical Investigations of Literature. Summer Institute and IX. Biennial Conference of International Society of the Empirical Study of Literature. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


July 2004 “Schiller in the Judgment of the German Bourgeoisie”. XXIV. International Conference of Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), New York University, NY, USA.


Academic Services

International Society of the Empirical Study of Literature (IGEL): Domain Agent for Comparative and Intercultural Studies

Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA)

Internationale Vereinigung fuer germanische Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft - International Association for Germanic Studies (IVG)

Research Grants

(1) Principal Investigator: Exploration on Cross-cultural Narrative Comprehension by Means of Cognitive Poetics. (RMB 180,000)
Chinese National Social Science Foundation. 13CWW002.

(2) Principal Investigator: Research on Brain Function of Cross-cultural Narrative Comprehension. (RMB 300,000)
Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program. 2015-2018.

(3) Principal Investigator: Research on the Foundation of Cross-cultural Literary Comprehension. (RMB 30,000)
Humanities Fund of Tsinghua University. 2012-2014.

(4) Project participant: Research on Translation of Classical Chinese Culture into Foreign Languages and on Cross-media Communication.
Key Project of Chinese Ministry of Education. 2013-2015.

(5) Project Participant: Research on the Localization of Western Literary Theory in the Twentieth Century.
Chinese National Social Science Foundation, Major Research Plan. 2012-2017.

Honors & Awards

2014 Tsinghua University Excellent Teaching Award for Young Professors

Contact Information

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, China


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