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Zhaohui Chen    


2003.04 - 2008.07    

Doctor of Social Science  D.S.S

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,

University of Tokyo, Japan

1999.12 - 2003.03

Master of Arts M.A

Graduate School of Education, Yamagata University, Japan

1995.09 - 1999.07

Bachelor of Arts B.A.

Department of Chinese Literature, Beihua University, China

 (Exchange students in Yamagata University during 1998.03 - 1999.02)


Work Experience

2019.01 – novPractical professor, Doctoral Tutor, Tsinghua University, China

2016.04-2018.12 Practical professor, Doctoral Tutor, Nagoya University, Japan

2009.09 - 2016.03  Associate Professor, Master Tutor, School of Foreign Languages,

Nankai University

During the above period:

2011.03 - 2011.08  Associate Professor, Department of Japanese Studies,

MingDao University, Taiwan

2012.07 - 2012.09  Visiting Scholar, University of Tokyo, Japan

2013.03 - 2013.08  Visiting Scholar, University of Tokyo, Japan

2013.09 - 2016.03  President of Confucius Institute, Aichi University, Japan

2008.04 - 2009.08  College Lecturer, Kumamoto University, Japan




1.[LuXun and Ueda susumu]published in TOHOGAKU, Eastern Studies, by Zhaohui Chen, 2004.01

2.[Discussion on KatagamiNoburu in China]published in Summary of Chinese Literature Research, University of Tokyo, by Zhaohui Chen, 2005.06

3.[Walk out of Ivory Tower and Distress]published in Summary of Chinese Literature Research, University of Tokyo, by Zhaohui Chen, 2007.11

4.[LuXun and KuraharaKorehito]published in TOHOGAKU, Eastern Studies, by Zhaohui Chen, 2009.01

5.How did Lu Xun see the Japanese proletarian literature?]published in Japanese Literature, by Zhaohui Chen, 2009.01

6.[LuXun and Aono Kiyoshi]published in Literature and Linguistic Theory, Kumamoto University, by Zhaohui Chen, 2009.01

7.[Retranslation on the “Razgrom”—Talk on LuXun and KuraharaKorehito]published in LuXun Studies Monthly, by Zhaohui Chen, 2011.11

8. [Facing the  “distress” of proletarian literature : on LuXun and Kuriyagawa Hakuson ] published in Jianghan Academic, complete reprint in research of RenMin University of China, by Zhaohui Chen, 2013.01

9. [Takafumi Horie: literary star? Or a meteor? ] published in Foreign literature, by Zhaohui Chen, 2013.6.

10.KatagamiNoburu in China] published in LuXun Studies Monthly, by Zhaohui Chen, 2013.07

11.Why did Lu Xun and Hirabayasi Hatsunosuke fail to understand each other] published in Shanghai LuXun Studies, by Zhaohui Chen, 2016.03

12.Bixiayicong陛下译丛”on LuXun, Alisima Takeo,Katagami Noburu's revolutionary literature] published in Modern Chinese Literature Studies, by Zhaohui Chen, 2017.01


The Revolution of a litterateuron Lu Xun and the Japanese proletarian literature] published by GuangmingDailyPress, Zhaohui Chen, 2016.08


"The space and possibility of comparative literature studies in Japan and China", Proceedings of the ten anniversary of the Confucius Institute, Aichi University, 2016.8.

Research Association:

1.  [Lu Xun's view of KatagamiNoburu and Aono Kiyoshi], modern Chinese Literature Seminar, National Taiwan University, 2006.6.

2.  [LuXun and Hirabayasi Hatsunosuke]Tokyo modern Chinese Literature Research Association, University of Tokyo, 2012.7

3.  [From "Grammar" to “Literature"]  Multimedia teaching seminars, MingDao University, 2011.6.

4.   [KatagamiNoburu and Japanese literature] International discussion of East Asian literature, Nankai University, 2012.9

5.  [Reality v.s. Imagination: on the change and qualitative change of Akutagawa Ryunosuke's impression of China] the International Symposium of the fifteenth annual meeting of the Chinese Association for the study of Japanese literature, 2016.8.


1.   [In the Twentieth Century, the reception of modern Chinese literature in Japan] Journal of modern Chinese Literature (Hongkong), Chen Zhaohui, 2005.6

2.  Chen Yan, Chen Zhaohui et al. 2: [recording Okinawa "collective Dutch act" trial], Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2017.6

Application status of scientific research projects:

1 Topic: [the study of the history of the proletarian literature in Japan], the Central University special funding projects, 2012-2014.

2 Topic: [modern China and minority literature] (Japanese version), the National Social Science Fund / Chinese academic translation project, 2014-2017.


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