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GUO, Qian  
Associate Professor


Harvard University                                         Ed.D. (Quantitative Policy Analysis in Education)

Harvard University                                         Ed.M. (Education)

Drury University                                              Ed.M. (Education for Public Services)

Tsinghua University                                       M.A. (English for Specific Purposes)

Huazhong University of Sci. and Tech.        B.A. (English for Science and Technology)

Work Experience

Associate Professor                                      Tsinghua University

Teaching Fellow                                             Harvard University

Assistant Professor                                        Tsinghua University

Instructor                                                          Tsinghua University

Research Interests

language education and testing; quantitative analysis in education; language and reading development

Courses Taught

Writing for Publication and Presentation (for doctoral students)

Academic English Reading and Writing (undergraduate level)

Comprehensive English (undergraduate level)


Research Papers Published in SSCI-Indexed Journals:

(1)   Qian Guo, Wenkai Sun, & Yijie Wang. Effect of parental migration on children's health in rural China. Review of Development Economics. (in press).

(2)   Qian Guo, Yang Song, Wenkai Sun, & Yijie Wang. Gender differences in performance-based pay: Evidence from a Chinese university. China Economic Review. 2016 41: 104-113.

(3)   Qian Guo, Young-Suk Grace Kim, Li Yang, & Lihui Liu. Does previewing answer choice options improve performance on reading tests? Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal. 2016 29(4): 745-760.

(4)   Qian Guo & Wenkai Sun. Economic returns to English proficiency for college graduates in Mainland China. China Economic Review. 2014 30: 290-300.

(5)   Qian Guo & Daniel Koretz. Estimating the impact of the Massachusetts English immersion law on limited English proficient students’ reading achievement. Educational Policy. 2013 27(1): 121-149.

Research Papers in Chinese:

(6)   Wenkai Sun & Qian Guo. Economic returns to off-campus employment for college graduates in Mainland China. China Economics of Education Review. 2016 1(1): 112-128.

(7)   Qian Guo & Wenkai Sun. Employment status and associated factors: Analysis based on a survey of newly graduated students from Tsinghua University. Tsinghua Journal of Education. 2015 36(4): 77-82.

(8)   Wenkai Sun & Qian Guo. Economic returns to student leadership experiences for college graduates in Mainland China. Statistical Research. 2015 32(5): 64-69.

(9)   Wenkai Sun, Qian Guo, & Xiaoxia Wang. A study on real unemployment rate of college graduates. Studies in Labor Economics. 2014 2(5): 48-67.

(10) Qian Guo. Effect of collocation on sentence processing. Contemporary Foreign Languages Studies. 2012 (10): 19-22.

(11) Qian Guo. Comparing studies in China and abroad on cross-language transfer from Chinese to English. Tsinghua Journal of Education. 2012 33(5): 120-124.

(12) Ru Xing & Qian Guo. Sentence completion in English reading comprehension tests. Journal of Tsinghua University (Philosophy and Social Sciences). 2004 19(S1): 91-95.

(13) Zhongshe Lv & Qian Guo. Reading: A process of decoding or interaction? Foreign Language Education. 2004 25(4): 61-64.

(14) Qian Guo. Promoting learner autonomy in college English teaching with formative assessment. Journal of Xi'an International Studies University. 2004 12(2): 66-68.

(15) Qian Guo, Ru Xing, & Mingbo Shen. Standardization of marking and reliability of oral tests. Tsinghua Journal of Education. 2003 24(S1): 135-139.

(16) Qian Guo & Zhiqiang Yang. Formative assessment and college English teaching and testing. Tsinghua Journal of Education. 2003 24(5): 103-108.

(17) Qian Guo & Xiuyuan Zhang. Language patterns in English magazine article titles. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching. 2003 (8): 59-63.

(18) Qian Guo & Changning Huang. Morton Benson’s research on collocation and his BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English. Linguistics Abroad. 1995 (4): 18-20.

Translation Works:

(19) Paul L. Harris. Qian Guo, Liping Liu, Caihong Wei, & Yi Yang (trans.). Children and Emotion: The Development of Psychological Understanding. Beijing: Educational Science Publishing. 2012.

(20) Satyajit Das. Zhiqiang Yang, Qian Guo, & Yingxin Gong (trans.). Risk Management. Beijing: China Modern Economic Publishing House. 2012.


11 coursebooks, covering the following areas: academic English, college English, English for master of engineering students, English for MBA students, and electronic business English

Research Grants

(1)   Empirical study of the effects of educational interventions on migrant children’s academic development (RMB300,000)

Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program, 2015THZWYY06, 2016.1 - 2018.12

Role: Principal Investigator

(2)   Survey of current status of and social needs for foreign languages testing in China (RMB80,000), sub-project of “Constructing the China English Proficiency Scale”

Ministry of Education, Key Project of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research, 15JZD049, 2015.6 - 2016.12

Role: Principal Investigator (sub-project) (overall PI: Jianda Liu, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

(3)   Quantitative analysis of the relationship between college graduates’ human capital and their starting salaries (RMB180,000)

National Social Science Foundation, 13BJY041, 2013.6 - 2015.8

Role: Principal Investigator

(4)   Economic impact of social identity on the migrant population and its policy implications (RMB170,000)

National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71603266, 2017.1 - 2019.12

Role: project participant (PI: Wenkai Sun, Renmin University of China)

(5)   Developing more effective test-based accountability by improving validity under high-stakes conditions (US$1,564,712)

Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, R305A110420, 2011-2015

Role: project participant (PI: Daniel Koretz, Harvard University)

(6)   Education accountability project: Creating self-monitoring assessments (US$35,000)

Spencer Foundation, 201200071, 2011-2012

Role: project participant (PI: Daniel Koretz, Harvard University)

(7)   Phase 2 of an international, comparative program of research and development on test-based educational accountability systems (US$209,762)

Spencer Foundation, 201100075, 2009-2011

Role: project participant (PI: Daniel Koretz, Harvard University)

(8)   Extracting knowledge for machine translation from a bilingual corpus (RMB100,000)

National Natural Science Foundation of China, 69672027, 1997.1 - 1999.12

Role: project participant (PI: Ming Zhou, Tsinghua University)

Contact Information

Address: Wennan Building, 227, Tsinghua University

Phone: 86-10-62772459


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