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DFLL Lectures--Achieving Cohesion and Coherence in Academic Writing

Time:2019-12-02 11:41:33

Speaker:Dr. Linda Lin(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Time:15:30-17:00 December 3rd, 2019
Location:Room116, Wennan Building
Host:Dr. GUO Qian(assistant professor in Tsinghua’s tenure track, research leader for the DFLL cluster: Linguistics, Education and Applied Sciences)
Cohesion and coherence are essential ingredients of academic writing. Many novice writers lack the ability to develop strong intra- and inter- paragraph connections. This problem seems particularly serious with Chinese writers because many of them rely heavily on sentence connectors, such as however, moreover and furthermore, to connect different parts of a text. This talk introduces practical strategies for achieving cohesion and coherence within a paragraph and between paragraphs in academic writing.
Bio of the Speaker:
Dr. Linda Lin works for the English Language Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is the coordinator of two programmes operated in the Centre, the LCR (Language and Communication Requirement) subjects and the postgraduate subjects. She is the subject leader for English for University Studies, a subject taken by over 2,500 students per year. She has been involved in a number of research projects, one of them being a large UGC-funded inter-university project. She is currently co-leading a joint project with Stanford University. Her research interests include vocabulary studies, corpus analysis and applications of concordancing in teaching and learning.

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